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What Are Essential Oils and What are They Used For?

Some yoga instructors diffuse essential oils during a yoga session to enhance the uplifting experience of the asanas. They might also apply these oils on students’ hands as they drift into Savasana.

It has become an increasingly popular trend that practitioners are integrating essential oils into their yoga experience. And they do so with good reason: These aromatic compounds—found in barks, roots, flowers, seeds and foliage of jungle canopies— helps to enhance one’s mental and emotional wellness, relieve sore muscles, and support physical and spiritual well-being.

Around the world, essential oils are being integrated into the holistic management and support against a wide range of illnesses such as cancer, respiratory conditions, asthma, migraines and heart diseases. They are also commonly used to boost immunity, help manage weight and diet, and treat symptoms of menopause.

Should I Use Essential Oils?

If you haven’t been introduced to essential oils, consider integrating them into your yoga practice! Testing and experiencing the results on the mat is a good way to gauge what works for you and what doesn’t. However, do be prepared as everyone reacts differently to essential oils. Different people find different scents pleasant and effective. For example, most people find that lavender promotes restful sleep; but some might not. Take your time to find yourself the most suitable essential oil and when you do, experience its obvious benefits!

Essential oils are potent (and rare), hence their relative high cost. But a drop or two usually go a long way. As a general rule, most essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin or ingested, as doing so can cause an adverse reaction, However, high-quality therapeutic-grade oils like the ones sold in our studio (Young Living) —containing no artificial ingredients or chemical residues—should and can be used topically or ingested.

At The End of The Day…

Remember, everyone reacts differently to fragrances, so it is extremely important to be mindful and respectful of those around you when applying essential oils. Do check with your Yoga teacher and respective yogi classmates if they are comfortable with your usage of essential oil in a class. We do encourage everyone to give it try! Young Living essential oils are available at Trium Fitness, so head over and get yours today!