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The ketogenic diet gained popularity through the weight loss community. It’s a low-carb (often 25g per day), high-fat diet triggering the body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

With increased popularity, there has also been an increase in keto-naysayers; they think it’s a dangerous fad fueled by the common desire to lose weight.

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With every additional sun salutation, the average practicing yogi would normally find themselves acquiring a unique balance between strength, flexibility and power. But as we lay in a pool of our own sweat in savasana at the end of every class, do we really have it all?

While yoga helps us to stay lithe and nimble, cardio keeps your heart strong while challenging your muscles even further. The average adult is advised to hit at least 30 minutes of cardio every day, strengthening your heart to pump blood throughout your entire body.

Cardio also helps to rejuvenate our bones, reducing the loss of bone mass and risk of damage. With each hop or jump during your cardio workout, your body reacts to the stress from the impact on your foot and sends a message to your brain to build up your bones.

If you haven’t been adding cardio workouts to your weekly routine, fret not because yoga can still keep you covered! For those who might not fancy the daily run or swim, you can simply replace two to three yoga sessions a week with classes that have continuous movements.

So take the first step and hop into any of our high intensity classes here at Trium, such as Pop Pilates, Piloxing, Zumba or HIIT Yoga! Balance these classes with a good steady mix of Restorative and Yin yoga to stretch out your body, and you’re good to go.

I’ve never really been much of a sports person.

As an 18 year old who just graduated from JC, I rejoiced at the fact that compulsory PE lessons are finally out of my life. Studying and working keeps me busy and expanding extra energy to move seemed ridiculous when I can just lie in bed at home after a long day. This might even be relatable to some of you. However, I was finally persuaded to try out a yoga class here at Trium Fitness. Of course, I chose the one that was most interesting to me: Aerial Flow. 
A choreography of movements that involves your entire body, I was pushed to my limits as I struggled to balance myself and stretch my inflexible limbs. As I was concentrating, something changed. I started to trust. Trust the hammock to hold my weight. Trust Dawn, our professional instructor, to take care of all of us. Most importantly, I started to trust myself to follow. My breaths were deeper, and the pace was very much like a metronome: Constant and steady. 
It was only after the lesson that I realised it’s about the Attitude and not the Aptitude. The confidence and trust in ourselves wills us to challenge ourselves and this definitely defined my experience. I thought to myself, everyone starts from somewhere. Why not now? I finally understood why people always come back for more. This is more than just a physical exercise. This is an inner-self development exercise. Although muscles I never knew existed ached the next day, it was definitely an experience that I would want to try again. 
I would like to encourage everyone to try out Yoga if you haven’t. My initial idea of Yoga could not have been further from the truth. If I never tried it, I would have never known what it was really like. As the New year starts, this experience might be value-adding to your life! I know it certainly was to me. 
Chong Kai Xin

“New year, New me”

A familiar phrase to many of us. There is a hidden beauty in this phrase, laced with a desire to want to improve oneself or their lives, and brings about a sense of hope for the coming year. Of course, maintaining such resolutions for the new year is easier said than done. Rather than “Resolutions”, a better word would perhaps be “Intentions”.

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What Are Essential Oils and What are They Used For?

Some yoga instructors diffuse essential oils during a yoga session to enhance the uplifting experience of the asanas. They might also apply these oils on students’ hands as they drift into Savasana.

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Yoga has always been known as a great health remedy for the body, and one of the latest yoga trends is hotting up the city and pushing yoga poses to the next level. Welcome to aerial yoga, as we take your practice to new heights!

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