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“New year, New me”

A familiar phrase to many of us. There is a hidden beauty in this phrase, laced with a desire to want to improve oneself or their lives, and brings about a sense of hope for the coming year. Of course, maintaining such resolutions for the new year is easier said than done. Rather than “Resolutions”, a better word would perhaps be “Intentions”.

Resolutions can be translated to mere actions, where Intention translates to goals. Intentions come from within the heart and the mind, with purpose and meaning. It allows you to find fulfilment and contentment, joy and satisfaction from every milestone you conquer. Ultimately, it should aid in allowing you to meet and understand who you really are, and who you want to be. In this community and family, we care about one another, and strive to support and encourage each other with the advent of 2018. Hence, here in Trium Fitness, we are providing a platform for you to express your desire for a better year, and a better you.


How do you go about choosing your Intention for the year?

  • Ask yourself what your motivation is going to be. It can be a role model you admire, your loved ones, or even curiosity to discover a part of you you did not really know.
  • Think of a word that can sum up what your motivations point you to. It can be a quality that you wish to emulate or embody, or a value you wish to explore. This simple word is a good reminder of what you wanted to start the year off with.
  • Elaborate on how you might want to act out your intention in the different social circles you are in, and from within yourself.
  • Start small. Many people make the mistake of jumping into things that might not be manageable, sustainable, or even feasible. Ease into the habit of your new Intentions slowly. When it seems like it is too much to handle, take a step back to where you previously left off until you are ready to intensify your plans.
  • When the year progresses, recall what your motivations were once again. They help to sustain you, help to pace you. Remember the simple word that helped you sum up your Intentions. It is the core of your plans and goals.
  • Lastly, do not give up, but do not feel dejected or discouraged by failure. Failure is often our best teacher. Pick yourself back up, and change up your plans! Your Intention, the core of your plans, is unshakable. There will be other ways to go about achieving your Intention for the year.

To aid you in your preparation for the New Year, be sure to pin the word that truly defines who you want to be in the new year on our board of Intentions. May it be a reminder for all of us to work together to be an upgraded version of ourselves next year!



Trium Fitness truly wishes you a Happy New year!

Trium Fitness