When it comes to keeping fit, most of us tend to have specific components that we look out for in a workout. Lucky for us yogis, there are a plethora of yoga practices suited to fit your various needs.

For those looking for a little more kick in their yoga sessions, Power Yoga is a fitness-based Vinyasa practice that ignites an intense fire in your muscles. Starting out as a variant of Ashtanga Yoga, yogis can look forward to an intense, athletic yoga flow with less focus on meditation and chanting.

Nicknamed “Gym Yoga”, each session burns a fair bit of calories while building internal heat, increasing stamina with a metabolic boost as you build strength, flexibility and stamina in preparation for arm balance poses and inversions.

With more flexibility in the flow of the sequences, yogis will experience newfound focus as they place more emphasis on breathing with each movement. This inner peace helps to reduce stress and tension across the body, bringing a wave of tranquil relaxation with each passing sun salutation.

Come power your way through some fiery intense flows here at Trium Fitness as we kickstart the second half of the year with Power Yoga – our Feature Class of the Month!