Barre-less is a fusion style class with a true foundation of Pilates performed to the beat of the music. You will experience a mind body connection fused with dance, Pilates and Yoga.

Classic barre exercises have been adapted to be performed in the center of the room either standing or on the floor. You will challenge the core for balance and experience a total body workout.


Dawn is really very attentive towards her students and that includes students who are attending the virtual course.

Ariel L

Today lesson teach more clear and slow, it is good for us to get improve better , teacher was patient and willing to spend time for newcomer (@ ya one more thing is the music that teacher choose was good good good

Rebecca c

Teacher Sheri is still the best! She is so patient and encouraging. She also keeps her eyes on the new comers and takes time to give everyone individual attention. | feel so successful attending her classes.


Beautiful place with cosy and friendly vibe yet with unquestionably professional instructors that know their stuff. Whether you are an experienced yogi, beginner, guy, girl or in between, you will all find things to love about this place! Highly recommended!

Cindy Khaw,

Dawn, I need to tell you this, all your staff whom I have met so far (Carolina, Samantha, Mavis Shirley & Julian) are wonderful. Friendly and very vibrant team like yourself. Kudos to you and your team.This is the first Gym, I really feel the natural vibes among your team. I enjoy my PT workout with you Dawn.You motivate me to do well with all my injuries which I have. Keep up the Good Team Spirit. Keep Smiling.

Rosalin Kolandasamy, 62

Thanks to Trium Fitness, I'm hooked on aerial yoga. First exercise I have ever committed to after horse riding. Staff really makes me feel welcome - thank you!

Miia Koistinen

My 1st trial with instructor Desmond Ong is great! His instruction and explanation are very clear and breakdown step by step so is very easy to follow. Highly recommended for beginner !

Lee V

A good class to attend to start my week. Every week Dawn will challenge and work on different part of the body.

Sharon C

Desmond is one of the best aerial instructors I've ever met. He is always so patient and gentle. He instructed flow step by step so we could easily follow and complete the sequence. Do preview his videos before class and that would definitely help you to understand and perform the flow better.

Daphne L

I like today teacher new teaching way, it is different like before , not one time show all the steps , today he show 1 or two then let us try to catch it, until we can follow, then he start from the first stage to do and add in another step to do , so in the end we all can make it until full steps . Yah ! Great!

Rebecca c
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