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Aerial Yoga Pre-Flight Tips

Yoga has always been known as a great health remedy for the body, and one of the latest yoga trends is hotting up the city and pushing yoga poses to the next level. Welcome to aerial yoga, as we take your practice to new heights!

While the term aerial yoga refers to yoga suspended in air using various equipment, the use of silk hammocks to perform aerial yoga has soared in popularity. Aerial yoga in a silk hammock combines familiar yoga poses and aerial acrobatics altogether. Whether you are brand new to yoga or an experienced yogi, here are 5 important tips on aerial yoga to note before you soar!

 1.     Dress appropriately for an aerial class.

We advise aerial yogis to wear form fitting clothing in breathable cotton fabrics. Beginners may also want to wear a shirt that covers the underarms, as some of the hammock wraps might cause initial discomfort. Leggings, fitting yoga pants, tanks, t-shirts all work great. Females are encouraged to wear a properly fitted sports bra, as aerial yoga involves inversion poses and transitions.

2.     Ensure safety and practice good hygiene.

All accessories should be removed before class for safety purposes. Watches, jewellery, and protruding piercing(s) could potentially rip or tear the hammock, hence it is best to practice without them. It is also a good idea to make sure your fingernails and toenails are trimmed as well.

Avoid wearing perfumes, essential oils and smoking prior to class as the smell damages and stains the hammock fabric. Fabrics are washed regularly but cooperation is appreciated in preserving the quality and cleanliness of the hammocks.

3.     Arrive to class with a very light stomach.

It is important to be smart with your food choices and consume a light snack (e.g. fruit, nuts) before your aerial class to avoid feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Remember to drink plenty of water and avoid soft drinks prior to flight. Avoid eating a heavy meal within 2 hours before class.

4.     Trust your hammock, the instructor and YOURSELF!

Silk hammocks used for aerial yoga are rigged to hold several 1,000 pounds worth of dynamic movement/weight, and have been designed and installed by certified engineers. Just like any new relationship, it requires time and patience to trust the hammock and learn how to move your body in connection to the sling.  Additionally, with proper instructor assistance, you will learn to “let go” while performing inversions and trust yourself in your own physical ability. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask questions. Being educated and feeling comfortable are key to a fulfilling aerial yoga practice!

5.     Everyone can practice aerial yoga!

Yes, almost everyone! Remember the saying “You’re never too old to learn”? Practitioners of most ages, men and women will be able to reap the benefits of this therapeutic style of yoga. However, similar to any other sport and fitness routine, it is essential that you inform the instructor of your existing medical issues (e.g. pregnancy, glaucoma, vertigo), recent surgeries, injuries, or other concerns before the commencement of a class. If you are under a drug prescription that leads to drowsiness, it is highly advised that you stay away from class as well. This helps to ensure that you do not have a condition that may result in uncomfortable practice during an aerial class.

Aerial Yoga

The practice of aerial yoga helps to increase mobility and flexibility. Practitioners will be able to enjoy the benefits of spinal decompression, pain relief and ease in inversions among other physical benefits. Furthermore, many inversion poses include the added benefits of anti-aging.

Aerial yoga is an excellent complement to mat practice and an amazing full body workout itself. With these tips, you are now ready for your flight! Soar away in our aerial classes at Trium Fitness today!