I’ve never really been much of a sports person.

As an 18 year old who just graduated from JC, I rejoiced at the fact that compulsory PE lessons are finally out of my life. Studying and working keeps me busy and expanding extra energy to move seemed ridiculous when I can just lie in bed at home after a long day. This might even be relatable to some of you. However, I was finally persuaded to try out a yoga class here at Trium Fitness. Of course, I chose the one that was most interesting to me: Aerial Flow. 
A choreography of movements that involves your entire body, I was pushed to my limits as I struggled to balance myself and stretch my inflexible limbs. As I was concentrating, something changed. I started to trust. Trust the hammock to hold my weight. Trust Dawn, our professional instructor, to take care of all of us. Most importantly, I started to trust myself to follow. My breaths were deeper, and the pace was very much like a metronome: Constant and steady. 
It was only after the lesson that I realised it’s about the Attitude and not the Aptitude. The confidence and trust in ourselves wills us to challenge ourselves and this definitely defined my experience. I thought to myself, everyone starts from somewhere. Why not now? I finally understood why people always come back for more. This is more than just a physical exercise. This is an inner-self development exercise. Although muscles I never knew existed ached the next day, it was definitely an experience that I would want to try again. 
I would like to encourage everyone to try out Yoga if you haven’t. My initial idea of Yoga could not have been further from the truth. If I never tried it, I would have never known what it was really like. As the New year starts, this experience might be value-adding to your life! I know it certainly was to me. 
Chong Kai Xin

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